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Our team uses SoftWash Systems’ methods to deliver a superior clean.

For a long time, the only real option when it came to exterior cleaning was pressure washing, as it was the only way to achieve a thorough clean within a reasonable timeframe. In addition, pressure washing equipment gave its users a much longer reach, which meant they didn’t have to get up on ladders to scrub by hand. However, in the past few decades, another contender has been gaining traction—namely soft washing. This method was developed by SoftWash Systems, and it produces better results than traditional pressure washing in many applications. Our team at Ocean Waves SoftWash has extensive experience in using SoftWash Systems’ products and methods, and you can count on us to deliver the superior clean you need.

SoftWash Systems in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

There are two main differences between standard pressure washing and soft washing. First, the water pressure used in soft washing is a third or below the level used in pressure washing, which makes it ideal for use on softer surfaces. Second, while standard pressure washing uses water pressure alone to remove dirt, soft washing uses a blend of biodegradable cleaners to emulsify the grime and make it easier to remove. The cleaning solution also eliminates over 99.9% of biological infestations, which means it will kill any mildew or algae lingering on your walls.

Our team is proud to serve the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware area, and we want to help you do what’s best for your home, business, or other structure. If you want to learn more about SoftWash Systems, just give us a call.

At Ocean Waves SoftWash, we offer cleaning methods from SoftWash Systems to customers in Selbyville, Dagsboro, Frankford, Ocean View, Lewes, Millsboro, Rehoboth Beach, and Bethany Beach, Delaware, as well as Bishopville, Ocean City, Berlin, and Ocean Pines, Maryland.