4 Things That Happen During Professional Cedar Shake Roof Restoration

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If your home or business has a cedar shake roof, you know the rustic beauty and charm it adds to your property. But while a unique and attractive roofing option, cedar shakes can deteriorate over time due to exposure to weather elements and moisture. This makes them susceptible to dirt, stains, and rot, which detract from the appearance of your roof and can degrade the materials over time.

4 Things That Happen During Professional Cedar Shake Roof Restoration

The good news is that you can avoid these issues with professional cedar shake roof restoration. Keep reading to explore some of the things we professionals do during the restoration process.

  1. Removing Debris. Whether we like it or not, our roofs are landing pads for leaves, twigs, overhanging branches, and other debris. This debris is potentially dangerous to cedar shake roofs, as they retain moisture, allowing harmful mold and wood-eating fungus to thrive. They are also potential fire hazards when dry, meaning they can drastically reduce the life and quality of your cedar shake roof in multiple ways. Removing this debris is critical to the health and appearance of your roof.
  2. Inspecting for Cracks and Rot. At the start of every cedar shake roof restoration, professionals must check for any signs of damage. Rotting or cracked shingles should be replaced to restore the roof’s structural integrity. It’s also necessary to isolate and dispose of rotting shingles to minimize the chances of spreading fungi and algae to the rest.
  3. Soft washing. At Ocean Waves SoftWash, we prefer soft washing to pressure washing due to its low-pressure water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. It gently removes dirt, moss, algae, and other stains that have accumulated on your shingles without causing any damage, leaving your roof looking vibrant and refreshed.
  4. Protective Treatments. Applying protective treatments is one of the final steps in professional cedar shake roof restoration. These treatments help enhance the durability and longevity of your roof by shielding it against destructive elements like fungi, algae, mold, and fire.

In addition to our quality restoration services, we offer a five-year warranty on our work. Get in touch with us today.