Pool Deck Cleaning: To DIY or Not To DIY?

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Every once in a while, your pool deck calls for a thorough clean. You may think the solution is to pull out some detergent and your garden  hose, but is that the right call? As a conscientious homeowner, you want your pool area to look pristine and inviting, so you might be wondering whether hiring a professional pool deck cleaning service is the better option.

Pool Deck Cleaning: To DIY or Not To DIY?

Here’s our expert opinion based on years of experience:

  1. Safety. Besides offering aesthetic value, a pool deck must be safe for you and your family. This is not always a guarantee with DIY pool deck cleaning as it tends to miss a lot of spots. Why? Because cleaners and detergents are not strong enough to eliminate harmful bacteria, pool chemicals, and mold that can pose a health risk to your family. On the other hand, professional cleaners use specialty soaps and detergents that dissolve these materials and even prevent them from building up rapidly.
  2. Technique. Most DIY projects are limited to whatever is on hand. In many cases, this usually means a mop and a broom, which may not be as effective in cleaning your pool deck. In contrast, professionals have a wealth of experience and techniques at their disposal. They also understand which pool deck cleaning methods to employ for the different types of deck material. For instance, pressure washing can damage wooden pool decks, while heavy-duty brushes can result in stripped paint and damaged concrete pool decks. Soft washing is the best method for deck materials that cannot withstand high pressure.

For these and many other reasons, you should always opt for professional pool deck cleaning. Professionals have more experience and the right methods to offer a high-quality cleaning that will leave your space safe, beautiful, and enjoyable for all. Don’t worry yourself with the hassle of pool deck cleaning by getting in touch with our pros here at Ocean Waves SoftWash today.