Power Washing: When And Where To Use It

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Having a deck, driveway, or patio that you can never seem to scrub hard enough to get completely clean is frustrating. Many people turn to power washing to get those tough-to-clean surfaces looking their best, but it’s important to remember that not every material is safe to power wash. Here is a quick guide on what surfaces are safe to power wash and how often you should do so.

Power Washing: When And Where To Use It

  • Concrete decks or patios – once per year.
  • Concrete surfaces like garage floors or sidewalks – once every two years if it is a low-traffic area or once every year if it gets regular use.
  • Brick exterior or entryways – every six to twelve months.
  • Asphalt driveways – Once per year or every two years, depending on exposure to elements or tree coverage.

It is extremely important to note that if a surface is compromised in any way, power washing may not be advisable. Power washing can also damage the siding or windows of your home. Because it uses an incredible amount of force that can break a previously undamaged surface or further damage a compromised one, it is best to rely on professionals to get the job done right. A professional power washing company can evaluate the surface and ensure it is safe to power wash without causing damage to your property. Cracked concrete or stonework and rotted or broken deck boards will not hold up to the force of power washing, and gentler methods like soft washing are generally a safer choice.

Power washing is a great way to keep your home looking its best, but it should be done with caution and care. Always use a professional company that can evaluate the surfaces in question and determine if power washing is a viable option or if another method, such as soft washing, should be used instead.