Why Paver Sealing Is a Worthwhile Investment

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Installing pavers on your property is a great way to add beauty and value to your home. Homeowners can use them to create gorgeous walkways or patios that can be enjoyed by family and friends or add value and curb appeal to a home they plan to put on the market. Given the time and funds that go into installing pavers, you expect them to last for years. One of the crucial parts of any paver job is applying a sealant to the pavers to help protect them from the elements. Unfortunately, some installation companies do not understand or care about the importance of paver sealing, which can lead to problems.

Why Paver Sealing Is a Worthwhile Investment

Paver sealing protects against stains, discoloration, and chemical damage from salt or acidic rain. It also helps slow down natural wear and tear from water, winds, and sun exposure, which can discolor the pavers and even lead to cracks. Not sealing your pavers means you could be facing an expensive replacement project much sooner than you need to. Even if you do have sealant applied to the pavers when they are first installed, you typically need to apply a fresh coat every few years in order to keep the pavers looking their best and to keep the joints stable.

It’s important to remember that the entire point of paver sealing is to keep your investment protected, so it’s usually worth spending money on a high-quality brand that will offer maximum protection. Although a cheaper sealant might be an appealing option in the short term, a low-quality product may peel or crack, have too glossy of a finish, allow weeds to grow through the joints, or cause discoloration. Consult a professional about the options available and get their recommendation before applying any product. You should also leave the application process to a professional who can ensure the pavers are cleaned and prepped for the sealant.

Well-maintained pavers add immensely to the value and beauty of your home. Make sure you care for your investment wisely with paver sealing – you’ll be glad you did!